Defensive and Economical Driving Development Skills (One Day course)
Consists of a 2 Modular system, allowing the candidate to be out of the office for limited time periods

Module 1 - Theory:
3 hours of theory supported by an audio-visual presentation to highlight the main causes of collisions and preventative methods by changing driving habits and attitudes. Methods of driving to reduce running costs of vehicles are covered and thereby having the candidate understand how to drive in a more fuel efficient and economical manner. This training is done in a group session.

Module 2 - In-car Instruction & Assessment:
This is a 40 min. session that puts the theory from module 1 into practice and the driver's existing driving skills are evaluated. This is individual instruction on the road in the candidate's or companies own roadworthy vehicle. The Defensive Driving Certificate is issued to successful candidates. The initial certificate is valid for a period of 1 year.

Module 3 - Re-certification:
The on-road Re-certification session is undertaken before expiry of the Defensive Driving certificate to ensure that drivers are still adhering to the Defensive Driving Tactics. This is to ensure that candidates maintain the Defensive Driving Tactical skills to drive Safer and more Economical. The Defensive Driving Certificate is issued to successful candidates. The re-certification certificate is valid for a period of 2 years.

The fees for the Defensive and Economical Driver Development course:
Price per driver - No VAT Applicable

Light Motor Vehicle                    R1250.00
Rigid Heavy Motor Vehicle       R1450.00
Extra Heavy Motor Vehicle      R1650.00

Re-Certification or Re-Assessments:
Light Motor Vehicle                     R450.00
Rigid Heavy Motor Vehicle        R550.00
Extra Heavy Motor Vehicle       R650.00

Keep Kids Alive SA (One Day course)

Right, now they have their K-53 driver's licence and now they have all the driving experience in the world. Wrong.
A Defensive Driving skills programme geared for young drivers because once they have a drivers licence there is only one person that knows more than an 18 year old driver and that's a 17 year old driver. Parents with numerous years of driving experience suddenly know far less about driving than a youngster with less than 6 months driving experience.

The K-53 driving system teaches a driver to move a vehicle on the roadway, it does not teach drivers how to avoid collisions. The system teaches you what you may and may not do, the additional methods that are required to identify and best avoid collisions are not taught and this sometimes comes with experience often with the pain, expenses and suffering.

We teach young driver's the reality of driving, youngsters are often more prepared to listen to an independent person as they believe their parents don't know enough to teach them anything. We will change that concept. This also applies to the riding of "scooters" and motorcycles as the methods related to a driving style as apposed to what you drive.

This course is done after they obtain their K-53 drivers licence, we are not in the business of teaching learner drivers to obtain a drivers licence, we do post K-53 driver training.

Your children will have the greatest chance of avoiding collisions after attending this course, which is often with the parent's vehicle, provided they apply the methods. We all too often learn by our mistakes but many times the mistakes of collisions don't allow us to ever learn from it again. Don't let this happen with your children. We aim to let your children learn from others mistakes before making it themselves. They will get an understanding how their lives can be altered when charged with various road traffic offences and/or culpable homicide charges if a pedestrian or passenger is killed due to their irresponsible driving habits.

This course is done on a similar basis to the Defensive and Economical Driver Development Course. Group bookings are done especially during school holidays and can be offered at any location or our training venue.

This is a small price to pay to ensure your young child safety while behind the wheel or as a passenger.

The fees for the Keep Kids Alive SA course:

Price per driver - No VAT Applicable
Light Motor Vehicle            R950.00

Pre-Employment Driver Evaluations (40 min evaluation)

Is that licence genuine, maybe yes but did they obtain it legally?
As an independent and impartial party, we check to see whether driver's employed can actually drive a vehicle. With statistics indicating that as much as 56% of drivers have fraudulently obtained drivers licences, many drivers seeking employment whereby they are require to drive company vehicles and trucks, have never done a learners driver test, an eye test or passed out on a driving licence test. We see this all too often in the media.

The Pre-Employment Driver Evaluations ensures that the person seeking employment can actually drive a vehicle to the required standard before being employment. Many companies employ drivers merely on presentation of a drivers licence only to later find that they actually cannot drive a vehicle or result in having serious collisions very soon after employment which often results in insurance companies not paying out. Once the company discovers this after the fact, they have great difficulty in trying to terminate the "drivers" employment without major legal problems.

We make sure they can drive your vehicles safely and submit reports on any suspicions of fraudulent driver's licences. This is never challenged.   

This is based on the standard K-53 methods. We assess drivers to be employed which have a valid drivers licence, whether they have the skills to drive a vehicle of the required class safely and effectively.

The Assessment takes approximately 30 - 40 minutes and can be done at your company premises in your company vehicle or the individual's private roadworthy vehicle. This is best done in the final group on short listing potential employees.

The results are given almost immediately and no biased decisions are made as we remain independent from the company and merely give an accurate report.

The cost is far less than possible collision and damage costs after establishing the driver does not have the capabilities to drive your vehicles.

The fees of the Pre-Employment Evaluations:
Price per driver - No VAT Applicable
Light Motor Vehicle                    R420.00
Rigid Heavy Motor Vehicle       R520.00
Extra Heavy Motor Vehicle       R620.00

4x4 Off-Road Driving Tactics (2 Day course and 4 Day course)

We train drivers that are required to do off-road driving to understand the dynamics of off-road driving and the proper use of vehicle controls for this purpose. We have experienced numerous companies that run into huge losses due to damages done on 4x4 vehicles purely because the drivers had no understanding of the use of 4x4 controls. This often runs into damage costs greatly exceeding the cost that the training would have costs.

The 4X4 course covers all terrain driving, correct off-road driving methods and proper use of controls. Understanding 4X4 Dynamics and how techniques are applied in various terrains.

The 4x4 course is done on a basic level to advanced level or as a combined course covering from Basic to Advanced level including Recovery.

4X4 Off-Road Basic course (Two Day course)

4X4 Dynamics
4X4 Transmissions
Hi/Lo Range
Tyres & Pressures
Ascending & Descending
Side slopes & Gullies
Obstacle crossings, Sand, Mud, Ditch & Water.

The fees for the 4X4 Off-road Basic course:
Price per driver  - No VAT Applicable
All 4X4 Types            R2800.00

4X4 Off-Road Advanced course  (Two Day course)  (Must have completed Basic course)

4X4 Dynamics
4X4 Transmissions
Hi/Lo Range
Tyres & Pressures
Ascending & Descending
Side slopes & Gullies
Obstacle crossings, Sand, Mud, Ditch & Water
Recovery Techniques
Winch operation
Hi-lift Jacks
Recovery Straps

The fees for the 4X4 Off-road Advanced course:
Price per driver  - No VAT Applicable
All 4X4 Types            R3800.00

The fees for the 4X4 Off-road Basic & Advanced combined course: (Four Day course)
Price per driver  - No VAT Applicable
All 4X4 Types            R6000.00

Chauffeur Driver Course (4 Day course)

Chauffeur drivers are trained to drive VIP clients with total regard to safety and comfort, operating luxury vehicles. Chauffeur drivers are trained to operate with discretion and etiquette and with the utmost professionalism when driving high profile clients.

This course is done as a stand alone course or can be incorporated in the full Close Protection Officer's course presented by Ulinzi Body Guarding where all protection elements of a Close Protection Officer is covered, which includes emergency medical training, advanced firearm tactics, anti-hijacking counter-measures and unarmed defensive tactics are applied.

As a stand alone course, modules dealt with are Defensive Driving Tactics, Anti-Hijacking Counter-measures, Buddy Aid First Aid and Chauffeur driver techniques.

The fees for the Chauffeur Driver course:
Price per driver  - No VAT Applicable
Chauffeur driver            R5200.00

Anti-Hijacking Countermeasures  (Half Day course)

Unfortunately, this is a reality especially in South Africa but also if traveling abroad, even as a passenger.

We offer practical training sessions on Anti-Hijacking Countermeasures, this is done on a Passive or Active Response and driver makes the decision equipped with better knowledge on how to most effectively deal with a given situations.
The Passive methods train drivers to respond in a manner whereby they do not antagonize the attackers or lead them to believe they are trying to react in some manner.
The Active method normally starts off with a passive approach but at the appropriate moment and time the driver has the skills in defensive tactics in order to actively disarm, neutralize and/or launch a counter attack on the perpetrator/s.
We are fully aware that some persons do not wish to engage in any form of physical manner with an attacker and here they have the option to make an informed decision of their choice. Many persons in a hi-jacking or other attack situation responds inappropriately which places themselves and others in far more danger due to the fact that they have not acquired the actual skills to engage in a confrontation and the methods used are ineffective and do not achieve the desired result to ensure their safety or escape.

We also offer full Self Defence courses, Armed and Unarmed if required.

This course includes a Hi-Jacking Prevention Seminar (3 hrs) and Practical Anti-Hijacking Procedures (2 hrs).
It would be beneficial to have completed the Defensive Driving course prior to the Anti-Hijacking course.

Course Content
                 - Why Hi-Jackings?
                - Hi-Jackers Profile
                - Types of Hi-Jackings
                - Vulnerabilities
                - Preventative Measures and Driving Habits
                - Reaction if being followed
                - Firearm Disarming Techniques
                - Unarmed and Armed Response during a Hi-Jacking
                - Evasive Actions
The fees for Anti-Hijacking Counter-measures course:

Price per driver - No VAT Applicable
All vehicle types:            R850.00

Buddy Aid First Aid courses (One Day course)

The Buddy Aid First Aid course is based on First Responder training and will equip the individual with the necessary skills to provide basic life support techniques in the event of injuries sustain in a collision or other accident injuries. A great emphasis placed on ensuring scene safety to prevent any further injuries or casualties and acquiring the necessary skills to ensure that injured parties have the best chance of survival in a given situation until higher levels of emergency medical personnel arrive.

All vehicles used for work purpose is by law required to be equipped with a first aid kit under the Occupational Health & Safety Act. 

A full day that comprises of theory and practical sessions that deals with issues such as asphyxiation, shock, hemorrhage management (Open and blunt trauma injuries, Gunshot & Stab wounds, Very common occurrence in SA), Cardiac Arrest, Respiratory Failure and CPR. Do's and Don'ts when involved in or attending a Motor Vehicle Collisions.

The fees for the Buddy First Aid course:
Price per driver - No VAT Applicable
All vehicle types:            R500.00