Carl Lamprecht - Managing Director

Carl Lamprecht qualified as a young commercial pilot at 43 Air School at the age of 19 years.

Carl is also a Tactical Firearms instructor for LE Weptac. He has been involved with Defensive Driving instruction for the past 9 years. Carl is presently studying towards a B. Ed. in Mathematics and Sciences.

Carl directs MDT and is responsible for the growth and development of clients, contracts and commercial affairs for the company and affiliates.
Dave L Lamprecht - Training Manager

Dave Lamprecht has served 10 years in the SADF, initially as permanent force in the Infantry then transferring to the SA Navy Submarine Service and later served in the Marines Amphibious Boat Squadron.

During this period he was qualified as a military driving instructor for various classes of military armoured vehicles.

Dave then served 10 years in the Law Enforcement Services in Cape Town and presently serving for the past 13 years as a Police Reservist in the SAPS Flying Squad.

He is also the Director of Law Enforcement Weapons and Tactics and SPEAR Anti-Poaching and a certified instructor with the International Police Defensive Tactics Association.

Dave has been engaged in driver training in the Military, Policing/Law Enforcement and private fields for over 30 years.

Dave is responsible for course content, course facilities and oversees the training  functions of MDT.